Guys With Crappy Cars Must Have Huge Dongs

Logically speaking, his dong must be illogically big.

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Alexis – Ariana Madix
Rhonda – Hayley Marie Normal
Sienna – Lilan Bowden
Average Guy – Jonny Svarzbein
Banker Guy – Avery Gaston
Cafe Customer 1 – Kaitlin Kelly
Cafe Customer 2 – Nick Kohat
Cafe Customer 3 – LaVon Wageman
Cafe Customer 4 – Sam Rubin

Director – Matt Pollock
Producer – Julia Bales
Cinematography – Carissa Dorson
First Assistant Director – Stephen Predisik
Editor- James Fitzpatrick
Writer: Pat Cassels
President of Original Content – Sam Reich
Vice President of Production / Executive Producer – Spencer Griffin
Director of Production – Sam Sparks
Director of Post Production – Michael Schaubach
Production Manager – Sam Kirkpatrick
Production Coordinator -John Horan
First Assistant Camera – Bianca Garcia
Second Assistant Camera – Nick Labelle
Art Director – Rae Deslich
Art Assistant – Aaron Arnold
HMU Artist – Lauren Wilde
Gaffer – Kevin Campbell
Key Grip – Sean Talbott
Swing – Will Burchfield
Sound Mixer – Chris Bennett for BoTown Sound
Post Production Supervisor – Evan Watkins
Post Production Manager – Andrew Mallonee
Head Assistant Editor – Phil Fox
Production Legal – Karen Segall
Production Accountant – Christine Rodriguez
Assistant Production Accountant – Shay Parsons
Second Assistant Production Accountant – Rebecca Call
Key PA – Damon Jones
Intern – Andrea Chrunyk, Nathan Krauss

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