“HARRY POTTER’S OVER” MUSIC VIDEO (Parody of “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato)

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Joey Anderton

Sara Lassner (cat lady)
Mynijah Ward (suicidal girl)
Ashlei Shyne (Girl with Attitude)

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Nerds are crying, dorks are dying
fat cat ladies going insane.
they’re all screaming, what do we do?
as they tumblr all their pain.
when will harry fuck hermionie?
why did ron grow up fugly??

think about all the fun you had
go to movies in your wizard hat
thinking you were cute
girl don’t get me started
stop drawing lightning bolts on your head
stop saying that dombledorf is your friend
harry potters over!
harry potters over!

you tweet tweet tweet
why does it have to end?
#i need some friends
you spend spend spend
money on stupid shit
like fake glasses and a quiditch stick

all of the poop jellybeans you ate
all the times you stayed up late
looking for nude pics
of daniel radcliff
i will take all the books you have
i have some room left in my trash
harry potters over
harry potters over!!!!!

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