26 Girls In Strong Relationships Gush About Cutest Thing Their Boyfriend Has Ever Done

These women from Ask Reddit know what it’s like to be loved by the right man.
A couple in a strong relationship
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1. He keeps me company while I cook dinner.

“Whenever I cook us dinner, he sits on the chair in the kitchen and keeps me company instead of just watching tv or whatever.” — Satanfister0218

2. He makes sure we have time to eat together.

“He works nights and I work days. Some days he brings breakfast home to me and we will sit and eat it together before he drives me to work and then comes home to sleep. I will come home from work and make dinner for him and wake him up with it. Its a nice system we have.” — dickback_timothy

3. He tucks me into bed at night. 

“Almost all nights, even though we’re both grown ass adults, he’ll tuck me into bed. I go to bed 4ish hours before him and having him tuck me in is just a super warm fuzzy for me. Every now and then, he’ll also just lay there and hold me until I fall asleep. It makes my heart so full and happy. I hope he does this forever.” — shreksnumber1fan

4. He kisses my forehead. 

“Sometimes while cuddling, my boyfriend will lightly kiss the top of my head.” — Bunjora

5. He calls me beautiful, even when I look like a complete mess. 

“He tells me I’m beautiful when I wake up, when I’m sick, when I look god awful he is always there staring at me with a loving smile, like I’m the most beautiful thing he has seen even though I look like a zombie from lack of sleep.” — The-Goat-Lord

6. He always holds the door open for me. 

“My boyfriend always lets me go through the door first. Most of the time he holds it open for me, but sometimes I get there first and he’ll smoothly grab the door behind me and say, ‘Go ahead babe.’

When he puts his hand on my leg while he’s driving.

But my favorite is when he pulls me closer in his sleep.” — lil-legend18

7. He expresses his feelings without holding back. 

“He tells me loves me and often. He’ll stop what he’s doing and kiss me. Whenever you are having nice feelings about your SO, say them/text them/whatever. Whether it’s love or compliments or physical touch.” — awkwoman

8. He spoils me during that time of the month. 

“Every time I get my period he treats me with ice cream. Since my first two days of every period are really bad (because of cramps and back pain) his little routine cheers me up so much.” — recherchecr

9. He takes care of me when I’m drunk. 

“One night at a party I’d had too much to drink and was passing out. I woke up in a big comfy t-shirt all tucked into bed — he’d taken off my earrings, rings, shoes, socks, everything!!” — MeanGreenLentilQueen

10. He surprises me with flowers. 

“To me, it’s the little things.

He randomly calls me to tell me he loves me, expresses his feelings for me, etc. Also, he will send me long, sweet texts randomly when I am sleeping or throughout the day.

When we’re cuddling in bed and I reach over the side to grab something, he will watch me and keep his hands on my back because he doesn’t want to let go of me.

He calls me every single night we aren’t together to fall asleep on the phone with me.

He wakes me up, whether it be in person or on the phone, to kiss/tell me goodbye, I love you before he leaves for work.

If I tell him I’m craving something, he will bring it the next time I see him if not right then. Doesn’t matter how long it’s been.

He surprises me with flowers amongst other things.

We are somewhat long distance (he lives an hour away), but if I am upset, now matter how serious the matter, he will come to me.

There’s so many things he does, big and small, that make him so amazing. It’s refreshing, my ex never did so much as take me to the movies in our three years of dating. He is everything my ex wasn’t.

God, I love him.” — Iiferuiner

11. He draws a bath for me every single night. 

“He instituted a time called ‘second soaks’. It is basically just him running me a bath every night so I can lay amongst the bubbles. He also snuggles me every night in his sleep, I don’t even think he is aware of it but it always makes me feel safe and comfortable.” — Applesauce28

12. He feeds me. 

“He’s my husband now. So listen up guys!

While we dated, he’d show up to school with food for me (I always order the same thing and he remembered what I like from like 10 different places). After class we’d go to Sonic and get half price milkshakes and just talk for hours. He also cooked whenever I came to his house, he’d have tea to drink too.

So basically food. He fed me, so I stayed.” — ochemimmunohem

13. He acts like my best friend. 

“One thing he does is makeovers and girly stuff. He knows I don’t have any girl friends or a best friend so he is my best friend as well as my boyfriend. ” — Asheswin

14. He is careful not to wake me up too early in the morning. 

“Sometimes he has to get up and go to work earlier than I do.

He flops the blankets over my head so when he turns on the bedroom light to get dressed, it doesn’t wake me up.

He pulls them back down once the light is off. He turns off the box fan because he knows I like to sleep in silence. He needs the white noise of the fan to sleep, so once he’s up and out of bed he turns it off for me to continue resting.

Then he kisses me goodbye, sometimes when I wake up and get ready for work I’ll find he left me a treat on the counter to take with me, like a chocolate rice crispy bar or some pop tarts.” — MermaidAyla

15. He orders me food when I’m starving. 

“He takes care of me. When I’m sick/in pain, or depressed he’ll take care of me and get me stuff when I can’t. He also orders me food.” — Keyra13

16. He warms up my cold feet. 

“You know when you stick your cold feet on your SO and they squirm? When I come over and we sit on the couch together, he takes my cold feet and puts them under his thighs so he can warm my feet with his perpetual warmth… I didn’t know someone could be so kind…” — boopboopadoopity

17. He pays close attention to me when we’re together. 

“He’s content with laying down next to me, just talking and being next to each other. He barely uses his phone, he deleted his social media, he said all of that was just a distraction. He said he got me now, he wants to focus on me. It’s a whole different feeling, just feeling the love even when youre just next to him.

I appreciate that so much.” — 7teen38

18. He cheers me up whenever I’m having an off day.

“If he knows I’m having a bad day and has a moment, he’ll take a break to get me flowers and/or Starbucks and drop by my work with them. I’ve even come in from field work to find surprise treats in my office.” — Saltwaterblood 

19. He defrosts the car for me before I leave for work. 

“My boyfriend takes my dog out in the morning and this morning he went out and then popped back in and told me to give him my keys so he could start defrosting my car for work. Then I heard him out there scraping the ice off my windshield.” — kkcshuber

20. He keeps my personal items at his place. 

“When we first started dating my boyfriend surprised me with a bottle of sensitive body wash and moisturizer to use at his place.

He said he had noticed that I had sensitive products in my bathroom and used sensitive washing powder and didn’t want me to be uncomfortable when I stayed at his place.

I had never mentioned it to him, but he had just paid attention.” — kazburger

21. He opens the car door for me

“When we’re walking to his car and get close, he’ll jog up quickly and open the door for me. He knows I can do it myself, but he likes being old fashioned that way and treating me special by opening the door for me.” — NavyRoses1105

22. He comforts me when I’m feeling uneasy. 

“I have a lot more tasks to complete before going to bed than he does, so when I come to bed he’s always on my side, warming it up for me, and then he slides over.

He also knows I get nervous during turbulence on airplanes, and holds my arm/hand to comfort me, without making me feel like it’s silly to be nervous.” — jerusha16

23. He surprises me with little treats. 

“My husband is super sweet. He makes breakfast on the weekdays. He makes sure I am tucked in and warm in bed every night when he pushes the covers off himself if he gets warm. He loves to cuddle. He will get me little treats occasionally. Sometimes he’s squirrelly about holding my hand but I think that’s more of a game and gives in eventually.

I’m gonna keep him for a while longer. Ten years and counting.” — throwingwater14

24. He gets along well with my dog. 

“The way my dog looks at him. I knew from the second my dog and now-husband met that they were soulmates and I may as well come along for the ride.” — parvoqueen

25. He plays music to help me get out of bed. 

“I have a really hard time getting out of bed in the morning. My fella will give me a few chances to get up on my own, then blast a song on his phone, usually with a ‘morning’ theme. Think Good Morning Starshine, Mr Blue Sky or Chop Suey! It’s cute.” — HerSmokeRoseUp 

26. He is completely and utterly accepting of me.

“Maybe it’s not really a thing he does ‘for’ me, but he is so accepting of my body and what I choose to do with it and that is such a wonderful feeling. Want to shave half my head? Fine! Wanna grow it long and dye it teal and purple? Cool. Want to get my septum pierced? Sure. Don’t wanna shave my leg fur in the cold, dark winter? Go for it. Wanna go to the gym? Yeah! Wanna eat a huge bag of peanut butter M&Ms after the gym? You bet. My fashion choices have done a complete 180 over the last five years and he has never said a bad word about it.

I look the way I do for me, and not for anyone else at all. It’s refreshing.” — juniper-mint TC mark

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